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We Will Pay You From $0.10 to $0.75 Per Pound For Returning Your Plastic Waste To Us

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Thank You for visiting today! The CBO Foundation needs your help in solving a truly global problem - ocean plastic waste at the source - before it reaches a landfill. Let's face the fact that we are all dependent on plastic packaged products today. This packaging waste lasts for hundreds of years and needs to be better managed. It has a direct impact on our health and that of the world's largest natural food resource - our oceans. Plastic waste kills millions of sea birds and marine life each year, and this simply MUST STOP! We developed the CBO Action Plan to increase awareness of this issue and reduce plastic waste, and even a program that pays you for your participation in some locations soon. Learn more through this website.

Join the CBO Tribe of Ocean Activists & Plastic Waste Solution

We are building the CBO Tribe of Ocean Activists, a new online voice for our oceans that will launch March 1, 2015. By joining for FREE pre-launch you become a Founding TribeMate (member). To get you started, you'll receive 250,000 bonus Travel SandDollar$ (SD$), instead of the normal 100,000 SD$, the online currency TribeMates earn for watching videos, referring TribeMates, for returning your household plastic waste to a CBO Collection Centre and other interactions. As a member, you can accrue and redeem your SD$ online for travel offers and even cash. So what are you waiting for? It's free - let's get you started!


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CBO TribeFunding

Discover the most innovative new rewards-based crowdfunding program ever developed that builds your crowd for you. Launch your non-profit or for-profit project today with cash or digital SD$ currency from fellow members.

Help Us Prevent This

The oceans seem massive in scale to most, and they are home to a population of sea life that far exceeds that of mankind. This sea life is calling out for our help in stopping the flow of plastic and debris. Join us in that effort.

CBO Non-Profit Funds

The CBO Foundation is committed to reversing plastic waste and we are establishing a series of country specific funds to help and address disaster relief, build a tropical reef research centre and other causes.

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